Among the bizarre spectacles in the London Marathon was father of three Sid Keyte running as telephone box.

Mr Keyte, 43, of Tilshead, who was raising money for mental health charity Mind, achieved the bonus of gaining entry into the Guinness Book of World Records by beating six hours.

By finishingin 5hrs 54mins he has the title of fastest runner dressed as a telephone box.

Mr Keyte has run the London Marathon three times before but this was the first time carrying a 15kg phone box and said it was a challenge.

He said: “It was incredibly heavy and hot but I managed to limp round.

"I ran for a mile but I couldn’t use my arms so when they got numb I walked for a mile and then I ran again.

"I got cramp three times at miles 17 and 18 and I ran up to spectators and asked them to left the telephone box off me and to stretch my leg to get rid of the cramp.

“The crowd were unbelievably generous in their support.

"Some were shouting out in Cockney accents ‘give us a ring!’ while others looked on in disbelief.

"At one point I was next to a runner dressed as a rhino and another dressed as Bagpuss and there was a couple in front of us who said 'Whatever we do we are not letting these three pass us'.”

Mr Keyte was delighted that he had beaten his fundraising target, having so far raised £5,500.