Children at Heddington Primary School took part in a Palm Sunday re-enactment with a real donkey to celebrate the run up to Easter Sunday.

In the Palm Sunday story Jesus is welcomed into Jerusalem on a donkey and the children made paper palm branches to wave as the donkey arrived.

They also baked bread for a re-enactment of the Last Supper and will take part in a church service at St Andrew’s today.

The donkey trip was organised by the Rev Philip Bromiley, who also took the animal to see children at Cherhill Primary School.

Headteacher Ashley Martin said: “The children really enjoyed it. They got a chance to handle the donkey, which was great. They waved their palms and greeted the donkey, and we had Jesus and the disciples following.

“For many children Easter is just about Easter eggs and it’s very important for us as a church school to instil in them the true meaning of Easter. It’s about Jesus dying on the cross and about the resurrection and new life.”