Nurse Emma Satchell is hoping to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the fastest ever marathon runner in a nurse’s uniform when she takes part in the London event on April 13.

Miss Satchell, 36 of Lansdowne, Calne, is yet to take to the streets of the town in her fancy dress version of her usual working atire.

She said: “As I live and work in Calne I am a bit embarrased about running around the roads in this sort of costume but I know I have to pluck up courage to do it soon.

“It won’t be so bad on the day as there will be lots of people in weird and wonderful costumes but it will feel very strange running in it locally. I expect I will get a few comments. But I need to try it out so I know where it is going to rub.”

The mum of three needs to beat the current Guinness record of 3hrs 48mins but has every chance of doing so as last year when she competed in London in normal running gear she completed the 26.2 miles in 3hrs 28 mins.

In addition to making the record bid, Miss Stachell, who works at the Beversbrook Medical Centre, will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer.

She will be supported on the day by her partner Ian Scott and children Oliver, ten, Edward, eight and Isobel, six. Mr Scott, who will also raise money for Macmillan Cancer when he takes part in an Iron Man event in September, regularly trains with his partner.

She said: “It helps that I am quite quick for a woman – that way my fast runs can be his slow ones.”

Adjudicators from Guinness Book of World Records will be at the finish line in London to see if Miss Satchell and many others who are trying for records have succeeded.

The former gymnast runs four times a week and does cross fit training on two other days.

She hopes to raise at least £700 for Macmillan.To sponsor her go to