Headteacher Ashley Martin has been praised in an Ofsted report for helping to improve the quality of teaching at Heddington Primary School since his arrival in January 2013.

Inspector Sandra Woodman, who awarded the school an overall rating of good, noted “significant changes” in leadership and staffing since its last inspection in 2011.

It is smaller than the average-sized primary school and as well as Mr Martin, two new teachers have joined over the past year.

The report said: “The headteacher has renewed the sense of high ambition, brought greater clarity to self-evaluation and increased the pace of improvement.

“The frequent checking and reviewing of pupils’ attainment and progress has enabled the headteacher to judge clearly the impact of new teaching strategies.

“Relationships are very positive, creating a productive learning environment. Usually teachers have high expectations of groups of pupils so that learning moves on quickly.”

“Typically pupils are polite, friendly and very respectful of each other. They are well motivated, settle to their lessons quickly and enjoy their learning.”

The report also said more pupils are taking on responsibilities such as house captains and assembly monitors, as well as taking part in extra-curricular sports activities.

It said the school works hard to involve parents and they appreciate the openness of staff and the way they listen to their views.

For an outstanding rating, the school needs to increase chances for pupils to try out new skills and subject leaders need more opportunities to check on teaching.

Mr Martin said: “I’m particularly proud of the accelerated progress and attainment that pupils have made during the last year. This means that when children leave our school at the end of Key Stage 2 they are above the national average.

“Obviously, we couldn’t have been awarded a good without the wonderful children we have at Heddington.”