Four of Wiltshire’s independent councillors took to the steps of County Hall today to protest against Wiltshire Council’s controversial allowances increase.

The council’s decision in November to increase allowances for all councillors, which sees council leader Jane Scott’s personal allowance increase by 36.5 per cent to £52,227, has been widely criticised by several independents, who joined other councillors to call for the decision to be reviewed.

An extraordinary meeting will now take place next Tuesday, where they hope the decision will be overturned.

Melksham Without councillor Terry Chivers said: “I would encourage as many people to come along on the day, and we urge as many people as possible to write to their local councillor to let them know how they feel about this.

“I think we are offering them a way out. It’s not only the Conservatives who could suffer at the next election; it’s anyone who voted for this.”

Trowbridge Grove councillor Jeff Osborn said: “The Conservatives leading the council have done quite a lot and have some good achievements, but when you talk to people all that was wasted when they grabbed the money.

“Our motion is to go back to what it was before and not to have any increase for a year.

“I would say to Jane Scott this is your choice to make peace with the people of Wiltshire.”

The other councillors to have signed the motion include independents Helen Osborn and Ernie Clark, Labour councillors John Walsh, Ricky Rogers and Ian Tomes, and Liberal Democrats Trevor Carbin, Ian West and Brian Dalton.

The meeting will take place at 10.30am on Tuesday in Trowbridge.