Anger villagers have demanded police action over sex parties involving men dressed as fairies at a remote barn.

Now officers will be patrolling an area outside West Kington, near Chippenham, believed to be used as a dogging site.

The sex parties are reported to be taking place behind a burnt-out barn on Drifton Hill. Police, who last year caught men meeting there for sex, have in the past fortnight been informed of men dressed in PVC, fairy wings and tutus getting together at the dilapidated farm building, which has had a peach sofa dumped by the side of the road in front of it.

Police said there had been a surge in complaints from people living in the village less than a mile down the road. Sergeant Phil Connor, of Chippenham neighbourhood policing team, said: “In the last two weeks we have had complaints from numerous outraged residents about vehicles arriving at the site and the occupants engaging in sexual activity.

“We are going to be doing extensive patrols in the evenings to deter any further activity and reassure those in the community.”

The land is owned by the Badminton Estate and rented out to Nick Bush of Ebbdown Farm. Mr Bush said: “On one occasion I found four bras hanging up. On another there were a couple of old boys who said, ‘We’re only here for having a bit of fun mate’.

“We get all sorts of undesirable activities other than enjoying the view. I have interrupted cars but I’ve never bothered to get out and remonstrate.

“Nobody wants them in their back yard. The problem is if you shut one down they move to another.”

He said he had put up a gate in the autumn last year which had helped. But he still felt it was not safe to keep stock there after a fire a couple of years ago.

“People don’t respect your property,” he said. “It’s an eyesore now. There was flytipping the day after I put up the gate. They had the temerity of throwing a sofa and two TVs over the gate and setting it up like a lounge.”

Villagers said police patrols would be reassuring and very welcome.

One woman living nearby said: “I’ve seen cars pulling away late at night. I wouldn’t stop there; it’s quite threatening when you know what’s happening.

“None of us are very happy about it. It’s not very nice to think that that’s going on somewhere up the road.”

One man said: “You don’t want that sort of thing going on in your village.”

A woman who has lived in the village for 50 years said when she returns home on Sunday nights she regularly sees cars parked up at the site which flash their lights at her as she goes by.

“It is surprising how many flash at you, perhaps that’s what they do to attract other men,” she said. “There isn’t so many in the winter.

“They’ve never caused us any harm. But they do leave a lot of rubbish. That sofa’s been there for three months.”

Men are also understood to meet at the nearby dump off Shire Hill. Police are encouraging anyone witnessing suspicious activity to call 101.