A sparkling wine created at the Maud Heath vineyard in East Tytherton has won acclaim after being tested by three experts at a UK Vineyards Association competition.

The experts awarded a bronze medal for the Maud Heath Sparkling 2011, a blend of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes, created by the Bateman family who own the vineyard.

It was tested against 31 other wines as part of the 2013 UK Vineyards Association Wessex wine competition and was described as having a good “apple freshness on the nose”.

The wine was also launched by Dominic Bateman at the New Wine Shop in Calne on December 7 who is keen to champion local produce as an independent retailer.

Sparkling wine takes two years to produce and this is the second batch of sparkling wine to come from the vineyard, made using traditional methods.

Mr Bateman said: “It’s slightly different in style to the first one, and when we did the launch it was greatly received.

“They have really just landed on their feet and I’m really pleased for them.

“It’s ideal for Christmas and New Year, even to just have one bottle to try it. It’s definitely a seasonal special and it makes a great gift for someone who has everything.”

A tasting session will be held at the New Wine Shop on Saturday, at noon.