A new cookbook for parents, grandparents or children who need a wheat, gluten or diary-free diet has been published by Dr Eva Detko, who lives and works in Chippenham.

I first interviewed Dr Detko in the summer as she’s also a specialist in hynobirthing, a technique favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge when she was expecting her first child, Prince George.

As well as helping pregnant mums face birth, Dr Detko is a qualified nutrional therapist and knows how difficult it can be to get used to a restricted diet. Her book is aimed at helping those who have to be careful about what they eat.

Easy to Follow Wheat Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes was published earlier this month and is also suitable for those with diabetes or who wish to lose weight.

Dr Detko said: “Each recipe has a comprehensive nutritional analysis.

“The introductory section contains a wealth of information about healthy wheat, gluten and dairy-free living, as well as an extensive list of weight loss tips.

“This book is suitable for both novice and experienced cooks. The recipes are inspired by Mediterranean, Eastern European and Asian cuisine.”

The book contained more than 100 recipes as well as 20 quick wheat, gluten and dairy-free snack ideas.

The recipes are also designed to optimise blood sugar control in order to suit those with diabetes and wanting to lose weight.

The book can be found at http://transformationtherapywiltshire.co.uk/new- cook-book/ or via Amazon.

It costs £13.85 or £6.95 for a pdf download.