Royal Wootton Bassett Academy has strengthened its link with Malibu High School in Cape Town as a result of international co-ordinator Miss Emma Stevens’ recent visit to South Africa.

Miss Stevens was delighted to widen the scope of the academy’s partnerships, meeting teachers from a Zimbabwean school, Susan Mazimba (head of geography) and Herbert Muguto (deputy head) who were visiting Cape Town from Guineafowl High School in Gweru, Zimbabwe, as part of a new three-way link. The partnership has been facilitated by the Afri-Twin organisation, and funding from the British Council.

Miss Stevens said: “I observed lessons, spoke to many students about the similarities and differences between UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe schools.”

“I took letters that our Year 7 students had written to students in South Africa, and I brought back their replies.”

The South African students were amazed to learn that students at the academy do not pay to attend school.