The Wiltshire airways could soon be buzzing with the sounds of the county’s best talent, following the launch of a new radio station.

Box record producer Rob Bozas and Corsham producer King P have teamed up to launch Kik Radio, and are appealing for wannabe DJs, writers and producers to get things on the air.

King P, whose real name is Mark Lodge, said: “The whole thing just span off from a project we did with Wiltshire Council called Wiltshire Voices.

“I was working with the NEET kids and felt there should be something like that in Corsham, to give disadvantaged people the chance to do music, and it spiralled out of control from there.

“We’ll be doing a soft launch online in November, then hopefully we’ll get our DAB licence in December, so we’ll be broadcasting across the whole of Wiltshire.”

The project has been supported by Los Angeles station KCRW and will feature live music, interviews and chat from a permanent hub in Corsham, and other mobile studios across the county.

Mr Lodge said: “They just need a passion to learn; if they want to present they can, and we are going to have a lot of talk shows. It could be a talented chef in the area, or someone who wants to talk about sports. We’re looking for around 100 presenters, so it could be anything.

“Presenters can be primary school children, secondary school students looking for work experience, or retired people looking to give something back to the community. People from all walks of life get rewarding experiences from working at a radio station.

“We’re going to be having adult sessions in the evening, and groups for the kids in the day. It’s £5 for a session, with 150 places for the master classes, which are one day, and the rest are done in small groups.”

For more information visit, or call Mr Lodge on 07854 823580.