Thirteen crop circles have been reported in Wiltshire since the beginning of June, including one at Silbury Hill and one near Alton Priors.

Usually crop circles start appearing in April but wet weather this year has caused a delay in crops which has had a knock-on effect on the circles.

Crop Circle Information and Co-ordination Centre researcher Monique Klinkenbergh said: “Usually oil seed starts growing in April and the season ends with maize in September, but this year the wet weather has delayed crops which means there have been no crop circles.

“We are now starting to see them appear in crops like barley, but usually we would expect crop circles to appear much earlier on.

“We think that because of the late summer they will continue appearing in later months but with crop circles you just don’t know, you have to expect the unexpected.

“There have been times when I’ve come over and seen nothing for days and then suddenly there’s three in a day. It’s very exciting.”

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