Top Gear host James May is more used to driving supercars than London buses, which perhaps explains why he came off-route in a Routemaster in Lacock on Friday.

The self-styled ‘Captain Slow’ came to the village in the 11m tall double-decker, and caused havoc in the narrow 18th-century streets when he tried a three-point turn.

Startled onlookers came out to watch as he filmed the stunt, for a new series of BBC2’s Top Gear, including Lacock estate manager Ann Cox.

She said: “He drove down from Castle Coombe in the afternoon, and tried to do a three-point turn in Castle Street. It was pretty tight, but luckily he didn’t hit anything, then he had a couple of ladies running after him to jump on the bus.

“Lots of people from the village came out to see him, and some who just happened to be visiting.

“He wasn’t here for long, but he was very charming, and still had time to sign autographs.”