Managing and maintaining environmental standards is one of the biggest challenges facing the waste industry and it is for this reason that Hills Waste Solutions is proud to announce that the company has maintained its ISO14001 certification for a further three years.

Mike Webster, group director, said: “This is a significant achievement for Hills as this standard applies to the environmental management systems for all our waste operations including transport and collection activities, recycling, treatment, transfer and landfill with energy recovery.”

The ISO14001 standard ensures that key environmental issues are identified and that procedures are in place to deliver effective management, prevention of pollution, environmental improvements and legal compliance.

Originally certified to the international standard back in 2010, the company has maintained its certification following extensive audits by independent external certification body, SGS United Kingdom Limited.

Daryl Taylor, environmental manager at Hills, is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the ISO14001 standards.

He said: “Over the past three years all our staff have worked hard to not only maintain but also improve our environmental management systems.

"It is good to know that our operations and practices are of a recognised international standard and will give us a valuable competitive edge when looking to secure new business.”