Alpaca farm owners Paul and Debbie Neal are not giving up their goal of living on their land, despite withdrawing their planning appeal.

Abbey View Farm in Malmesbury is home to 32 alpacas, 10 llamas and various other animals over nearly 11 acres.

Mr and Mrs Neal submitted a planning application in May 2011 for the installation of a permanent agricultural workers’ dwelling and agricultural building, which was refused in June 2012.

An appeal was lodged on November 28 last year, but was withdrawn last month.

Mark Willis, the Neals’s planning consultant, said: “To build a permanent agricultural dwelling you need to show that it is essential, and that the enterprise is financially viable.”

Mr Willis said Wiltshire Council did not agree that livestock should be included in the business value, but has now changed its stance.

He said: “The appeal inspector agreed with me that it’s proper to include the livestock value, so they can no longer sustain the refusal and we’ve been invited to submit another application.

“As soon as next year’s accounts are together, we’re submitting another application at the invitation of Wiltshire Council with a view of saving the cost and delay of an appeal.”

Mr Neal said: “We are most certainly not giving up, that’s for sure. If all else fails we will go to appeal, but we’re determined to get planning permission.”