Teenager Luke Knight has become the youngest solo pilot in a Wiltshire gliding club’s history.

At 15, Luke, a student at Abbeyfield School, who lives in Chippenham, is the youngest to go it alone since Bannerdown Gliding Club, between Devizes and Westbury, began 50 years ago.

Luke first set foot in a glider only three months before and after 50 flights with an instructor was ready to go it alone. “It’s like your first flight all over again,” he said. “At first you’re scared and excited and then after 50 times it’s just normal but then you’re on your own and it’s all back again.”

Luke said he always wanted to fly but he didn’t have the chance until his physics teacher John Pickering said four pupils would have their gliding club membership paid for by the school.

Abbeyfield head David Nicholson said: “Gliding is just one of many extra curricular activities we offer to help our pupils leave school with life experiences that stand them in good stead. I am thrilled for Luke to be the youngest solo pilot the school has produced.”