A worker on a mobile community centre in North Wiltshire has been given an award.

Lucy Waterman has received the Wiltshire Early Years Professional of the Year award from Wiltshire Council.

Mrs Waterman works on the Open Blue Bus project and has been awarded for her work in leading the toddler group at Lacock and training other voluntary team members.

The mother of two grown up children works one day a week voluntarily and one day paid. She also drives the bus to Lacock and Malmesbury.

Mrs Waterman, of Derry Hill, has worked in playgroups and nurseries for over 20 years. She introduced a singing session in Lacock and encouraged other volunteers to sing. She also put together a song bag with props in it to go with the lyrics.

She said: “My aim was to work with children and parents in the communities we visit to help them see just how valuable singing songs and nursery rhymes can be in developing speech.”