A village square is being taken over by bins with one thing on their minds – exterminating rubbish.

Tim Beattie, a partner at West Street Motors, Ald-bourne, was inspired to create the Dalek-style receptacle after seeing Jon Pertwee film scenes for Doctor Who in the village in 1971.

In Doctor Who and the Daemons, village children were recorded Maypole dancing on The Green.

A Tardis-themed bin he made last year is already proving a powerful weapon in the battle against litter.

Mr Beattie came up with the idea of themed litter bins to encourage young people to use them rather than discard their rubbish on the streets at a time when concerns were being raised about anti-social behaviour.

In the months since the Tardis bin was installed, complaints about litter and bad behaviour in The Square have dropped.

Alan Walters, who runs The Crown pub in The Square, was so taken by the Tardis bin that he commissioned Mr Beattie to make the Dalek. It took several months to complete and even has a button with a sign saying “Do Not Press”, but which if pushed plays the message: “Exterminate, exterminate!”

Mr Beattie said: “It’s cost about £350 to build and if Alan insists on paying me I will put the money towards the refurbishment of the seats around the village which local people have been sponsoring.”

Of Doctor Who, Mr Beattie said: “I did watch it on television when Jon Pertwee played The Doctor, but other than that you could not call me a fan of the programme.”