Clarendon Players

Memorial Hall

Royal Wootton Bassett

THE Clarendon Players' provided an entertaining evening in Forget-me-Knot, David Tristram's quirky comedy in which apparent memory loss may or may not be genuine.

Neil Edwards was excellent as Monroe, the laconic, newly promoted detective who tackled the strange case of the man found wandering the streets of Leicester in the early hours, with no recollection of why or how he arrived there.

Neil Strange as Robert, had Filofax and phone with him, but was he an imposter, up to no good? Was he really the husband of the wealthy Julia Zeinfeld (Wendy Mitchell)? Who was Samantha, apparently Robert's clandestine mistress, played with great panache by Beccie Foxwell?

As the night wore on, and Robert, although not under arrest, was allowed a bed in a police cell, the mystery deepened. Fee Jacobs, the director, was assisted by Zoe Stewart, and the production offered plenty of laughs, as well as puzzles.

Even deeper mystery was revealed eventually, in Inspector Monroe's wife's illicit liaison. Audiences appreciated the cast's expertise and some quick-fire comic lines.

An off-stage character, George, in the police station's front office, never actually appeared but added continuity - and had the last laugh, despite Monroe's constant derision.

A well constructed set incorporated two rooms in the police station, with small apron stage links to other locations.

Effective lighting was by Paula Clifford and Alec Smith.

This production was another success for the Players, who will be at the Memorial Hall again in November, with an Agatha Christie play

Stella Taylor