AUDIENCES relished Wootton Bassett Light Operatic Society's hilarious production of Mel Brooks' outrageous comedy The Producers, ably directed by Mark Harper and Mike Davies, at the Memorial Hall last week.

An excellent orchestra, directed by Richard Abrams, did full justice to the lively score and fine vocal performances. The costumes were amazing, and slick choreography maintained the show's frenetic pace.

Simon Roberts was superb as Max Bialystock, a desperate Broadway producer who coaxes his reluctant, mild-mannered accountant Leo Bloom (Paul de Boer) to join him in a potentially disastrous venture that could make their fortune. Springtime for Hitler, a ridiculous gay romp, surely cannot fail to flop, and ensure their exit to anonymity in Rio? But events go wildly awry and comic disasters escalate.

Sheila Dunn, as Hold me,Touch me, also appeared in the bevy of little old ladies who invest their all in the show and brandish brightly illuminated walking frames. Amy Westwood was the producers' desirable assistant, Ulla. Simon Welch was the ludicrous Nazi playwright, and Holger Alsmeier was Roger, reputedly Broadway's worst director.

The Producers, with a 40-strong cast and a full orchestra, is a worthy addition to WBLOS' catalogue of success.

Stella Taylor