FIRSTLY, let me just say how very lucky we are to have our very own theatre and for it to be filled with such talent. I was shocked to read that this performance had a few difficulties on finding its feet; with replacements having to be found.

There was certainly no hint of this and the show ran with such a professional energy it was a delight to watch.

Jack The Ripper captures a story of the hard times faced in 1890s London. In the streets of Whitechapel, women are being brutally murdered and there is a sense of fear around the characters.

From the moment I entered the space, I knew it was going to be a good show.

The set was wonderfully designed by John Winterton, Oli Beech and Paul Butler and brought us straight into the era for this show, along with the costumes by Gill Barnes and Annette Forbes.

I was delighted to see the opening of the show beginning with live music from Tim Charity and even the odd tambourine made an appearance which added some extra ambience. Policemen patrolled the atrium before the show and portrayed a hilarious scene in women’s clothing at the Queen’s wishes.

Special mention has to go to Paul Butler who played Chairman, whose presence on stage brought this musical to life, and Oli Beech, who played Daniel Mendoza, with his Jack the Lad persona. which kept everyone laughing. Credit goes to all the cast though, who all sang and acted superbly as an ensemble.

The one thing I will say is it was such a shame to see so many empty seats in the theatre.

With performances of this standard it seems a pity that not enough should turn out to watch. The show runs until Saturday.