The Ghosts of Mr Dickens

Poulshot village hall, January 18

Just like the Ghost of Christmas Past, the spirits and spectres that tormented the writer Charles Dickens are the stars of a new show about the celebrated author, which visits Poulshot on its touring premiere this month.

The Ghosts of Mr Dickens is a new play by touring theatre company Untold Theatre, who are known for their innovative projections which bring a 3-D element to the stage, strong creative vision and bold performances.

The Ghosts of Mr Dickens charts the author’s voyage to America, where he becomes plagued with visions and visitors from the spirit world. Figures from his life appear alongside characters from his stories. As reality blurs into fiction, much like Ebenezer Scrooge, the author is compelled to revisit the sins of his past.

"We're a touring theatre company," say the producers, "and we believe that theatre can, and should, go anywhere! We always tour to a mixture of theatres and community venues - and it's exciting to be bringing the 'theatre experience' to rural areas."

The Ghosts of Mr Dickens opens in Cornwall next week and is making its way around the country, visiting Poulshot Village Hall on Wednesday, January 18. Live performance and digital projections will combine to explore the life of Charles Dickens, the characters he created - and the ones that created him. Tickets are available by emailing

The company are no strangers to adapting thre works of top English writers - their last show was based on Shgakespeare's Tempest. The company hope to deliver another magical production in Poulshot.