Salisbury Playhouse

THIS production of Aladdin is a magical pantomime adventure to delight all ages.

My fellow reviewers, Louis (9) and Ella (14) were enthralled. Louis wrote, "This show is FANTASTIC!"

Ella wrote,"The actors were full of energy, making the stage look constantly exciting."

The two genies, reunited for the first time since genie college, are gems of unique quality. The Genie of the Ring, nimble Nerine Skinner, who is aiming for a PhD, spouts streams of scientific facts, in hilarious contrast with the jazzy Genie of the Lamp (Melissa Brown-Taylor).

The Dame, Widow Twanky, is played brilliantly by Richard Ede, a talented comic actor with an amazing array of costumes and props. He has a great duet with The Emperor (played delightfully by Fred Broom) and achieves tremendous rapport with the audience. Lynden Edwards, as the evil Abanazer, attracts boos and hisses galore until his final change of heart.

In the title role, Tyler Fayose, an athletic Aladdin, who aims to be a rock musician, wins the love of the beautiful Princess Jasmine (Rebecca Hazel). Tessa Kadler as Wonton and Domonic Ramsden as Dim Sum, plus young performers in two teams, the Blue Sapphires and Red Rubies, panto panda Ping Pong and a Himalayan yeti complete an exuberant cast.

This is writer Andrew Pollard's fifth panto for Salisbury, and must rate among the best.

There are plenty of local in jokes, and inevitable references to Donald Trump and Brexit.

Loads of pop songs have the audience joining in the fun, and their frenzied yells to the actors are ear-shattering. Special effects include a wonderful magic carpet that Ella thought "particularly captivating."

She wrote:"As always, Salisbury Playhouse has a magnificent set, keeping the audience interested at all times."

Louis loved the pyrotechnic effects that add such zing and sparkle to the show.

Don't miss the chance to enjoy this thoroughly entertaining extravaganza. The show runs until January 7.

Stella Taylor