ENGLISH Touring Theatre and Sheffield Theatres have brought their impressive production of D H Lawrence's controversial drama to Salisbury for just five days this week, until November 12.

The novel, written in 1925, scandalised society with its immorality and flagrant flouting of British class distinctions. The book was banned until 1960.

In modern times, the sexual passion shared by a titled lady and a gamekeeper is less shocking. Audiences can understand Lady Constance Chatterley's frustration at her marital entrapment with an impotent ex-Army officer, in the aftermath of the Great War.

Eugene O'Hare, as Sir Clifford, struggles stoically to cope with his crippling war wounds and wonders if an appropriate male might father a child for Constance and himself.

D H Lawrence's classic tale is adapted and directed by Phillip Breen. Hedydd Dylan portrays the sensual Lady Chatterley with great sensitivity and verve. Jonah Russell ably fulfils the title role, as gamekeeper Oliver Mellors. Household activities, glimpses of industrial unrest and risque entertainment are skilfully staged by the accomplished actors who complete the company: Aretha Ayeh, Will Irvine, Ciaran McIntyre, David Osmond, Rachel Sanders and Alice Selwyn.

The play transports us through the seasons, enhanced by evocative sounds - wonderful woodland birdsong, snatches of songs, a piano, and a motorised invalid carriage in which Sir Clifford attempts to explore the estate.

Design is by Laura Hopkins, with lighting design by Natasha Chivers, sound design by Andrea J Cox. Movement director is Ayse Tashkiran.

The tour continues to Brighton and Cambridge.