Popular duo Ray Dance and Judith Sharp and friends delighted audiences with their Handful of Songs at the Arts Centre in Old Town, Swindon, last week.

Numbers included Singing the Blues, When I Fall in Love, S'Wonderful, and a superb Les Miserables medley - but this charity show had more than songs. 

The remarkable talent of students from the Gemma Short School of Dance and Theatre Arts was showcased in slickly choreographed ballet, tap, national, modern and character dances.

The students' vocal abilities matched their fantastic footwork. They filled the stage for a charming version of High Hopes, with Judith Sharp.

Felicity Coster's depiction of I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No was hilarious, and there was more comedy when Three Little Maids (initially three young dancers) were succeeded by Ray Dance, Toy Asprey and Russell Langdown, in drag, with big black umbrellas instead of pretty parasols.

Sarah Greenwood and Katherine Sharp sang memorably, and Russell Langdown's solos, Mack the Knife and Nessun Dorma, were further highlights.

The Box, featuring Morgan Ogle, was an a salient reminder of the Great War centenary.

Sheila Harrod, Chris Webb and Becky Jenkinson were an excellent band.