Wiltshire’s strongest woman is staging Devizes’s first event where the tough can show their muscle – and she’s in training for it by pulling a Wadworth brewery beer dray.

As you do.

Super-fit Zowie Trevena, owner of the Pure Grit Performance gym in Devizes, is organising the town’s first strongman and strongwoman competition on Sunday, April 24.

One of the events at the all-day, free-entry festival of strength, which will be held at Devizes Football Club, will be to take on the role usually filled by Wadworth’s famous shire horses.

“Instead of doing the usual truck pull, competitors will be pulling a dray weighing a thousand kilos for 25 metres in the quickest time,” said Zowie, who currently holds the title as Wiltshire’s strongest woman and who is also a national and international weightlifter.

She added: “But that’s just for the women. For the men we add extra barrels.”

More than 60 competitors from all of Britain will take part in the strength spectacular.

Other categories set to terrify the unfit will include a log press, in which women will have to lift a 35kg log as many times as they can in 60 seconds and men to do the same, but with a 100kg log.

Another show of strength will be the axle deadlift event – in which a car axle fitted with horse cart wheels weighing 100kg for women and 240kg for men has to be lifted as many times as possible in a minute.

And another is the loading medley event, in which competitors will have 75 seconds to load a dray with a variety of atlas stones, sandbags and beer kegs, but they have to run with them.

For updates and more information on the competition, which is in aid of Canon’s House child care and support in Devizes, go to the Pure Grit page on Facebook: facebook.com/Puregritpt