Unpopular couples risk being dumped from Love Island as Caroline Flack delivers bad news in the villa.

The presenter will tell contestants in scenes to air on Sunday evening that the public have been voting for their favourite pairings.

Flack will deliver the bombshell that the least popular couples risk exiting the villa.

Newcomers Chris Taylor and Francesca Allen, along with their partners, will be exempt from the vote.

Flack will say: “The public have been voting for their favourite couple. The islanders in the bottom two couples risk being dumped.”

The news will follow an episode which sees the foundations of Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan’s relationship begin to crumble.

His ill-conceived idea to give his number to a check-out girl, and then to kiss Anna Vakili, will not go down well with his partner.

After choosing to kiss Anna and “marry” Belle in the evening’s challenge, Anton will say: “I just wanted to express how I felt about you and what I was going to say, if you had let me, is that there’s a lot of traits I can see in you that I could see as wife material.

“But you shut me down straight away and that is the most embarrassed I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Anton will say that he does not feel he has done anything wrong.

Belle will tell her partner: “Then that’s a problem.”

Amber Gill will confront Michael Griffiths, and tell her former partner that their relationship could have worked and that she still has feelings for him.