The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the European premiere of The Lion King.

Beyonce and Donald Glover star in the updated Disney classic, which will be watched by royalty at the London event today.

Sir Elton John, who helped create music for the original film, is among the big names expected to attend the premiere.

Beyonce song
Beyonce stars in the Disney update (Parkwood Entertainment)

Harry and Meghan have been confirmed to attend the event in Leicester Square, in aid of conservation work through The Royal Foundation.

The royal couple are due to meet some of the cast and crew before watching the film.

They are then expected to speak to representatives from organisations working to protect wildlife and the environment.

For the film’s release, Disney announced the Protect The Pride campaign, aimed at raising awareness of dwindling lion numbers. 

The Royal Foundation will be involved with and support the campaign.

The film will be released on July 19.