The Little Dessert Shop

Unit 7 the Pod

St Stephen’s Place

Trowbridge BA14 8AH

0330 995 0100

Parking: Yes

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Food served: 11am-9pm

Ratings: Decor: 9/10

Food: 8/10

Choice: 9/10

Service: 7/10

TripAdvisor rating: 2/5

THE name of this new dessert parlour near the cinema in Trowbridge could be interpreted in two ways. Little shop, or little desserts. Well, it’s definitely not the desserts which are little take my word for it.

It was pretty busy when we arrived about 7pm on a Saturday night, full of teenagers and families, but there was never any danger of not getting a seat.

The interior design is funky with contemporary lighting and easy-going pop music blaring over the speakers.

Unfortunately, despite being a relative newcomer, it has had some poor reviews on TripAdvisor so far.

Now my theory about TripAdvisor is that only the moaning minority postulate at length on this website, as if you’ve had a good experience you soak it up and move on with your life, and are much less likely to pull out your phone and leave an opinion.

I would not let the reviews of others necessarily put me off visiting and you should always make up your mind for yourself.

Back to the menu, which is extensive, and has your usual array of ice cream sundaes, crepes, cookie dough and pancakes, but I was surprised to see that it has savoury versions of the pancakes and crepes as well, which is a nice twist if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

My daughter diligently steered away from the cookie dough, which had left her feeling slightly queasy at another establishment in Salisbury, and settled on the Sweet Addiction cheesecake (£4.50).

The male contingent in the party went for ice cream sundaes, a Unicorn Charm and a Have a Hubba Bubba (both £6.95), proving to be similar in tastes.

After eyeing the very large looking waffles at the table next door, I went instead for a crepe, Crushing on You (£6.50 plus 65p for whipped cream) which I hoped would be tasty but a little smaller.

There was a very large queue of desserts to be prepared, which could be viewed on a screen, so I wasn’t confident of speedy service and there was a mysterious smell of burning at one point, which could have accounted for the delay.

I feel the manager may have had TripAdvisor in mind as he was very keen to ensure that service was good and even produced free mini ice cream sundaes for the children while we were waiting and offered us free drinks, even though we were only waiting about 20 minutes in all.

The desserts were all extremely large. The unicorn ice cream proved full of flavour and colour and the biscuits at the bottom of both sundaes were a finishing surprise. Surprisingly, they were both wolfed down in no time.

The cheesecake was huge, the biggest portion I have ever seen, served with ice cream, and was coated with biscuits and an attractive drizzle. It was certainly worth its £4.50.

The crepe was packed with white chocolate sauce and bits of Oreo biscuit crumbled up but sadly it was cold. It could have done with being at least a little bit warmer. It was absolutely delicious though but I did struggle to finish it.

The total bill came to £25.55 which seemed good value for a Saturday night treat.