EATING out after a cinema trip in Trowbridge has become a popular treat since the lovely new riverside complex opened - probably longer ago than I'd like to remember.

However, as we've visited all the restaurants there quite often now, the last time we went out we thought we'd take a little walk uptown and try the new offering on Wicker Hill, The Garden.

Opened here after a fire put their Chippenham operation our of business, this is a smart, trendy-looking combination of a daytime cafe and wine bar/restaurant in the evening.

I'd been told that it was a 'burger and fries' type place, but after this visit have to disagree. I certainly ate a burger there, but it was far from the usual type and the atmosphere had much more to recommend it.

There were several spare tables, and we admired the conservatory-type decor as we chose from the menu, though it was a shame the 'background' music was so loud it made conversation difficult unless you didn't mind the next table knowing what you were discussing.

You choose your main, then a 'Garden Pot' of some sort of carbohydrate, then a 'Garden Side' of vegetables or salad.

There's also nibbles if you don't want a full meal, daily specials and more main dishes - all of it pretty standard fare, but on this showing, well cooked and presented.

We went for a wild boar and apple burger (£7.50) with sweet potato fries (£2.50), honey and soy chicken thighs (£7.95) with tiger chips (£2.50) and homemade coleslaw (£1.50) to share. Tiger chips, I was informed with a patronising glance by my more trendy companion, have both sweet potato and ordinary potato chunks in the same pot.

I'm not a big burger fan usually but thought the wild boar version, with apple relish, sounded tasty and also lower calorie. This could, of course, just be me fooling myself.

It was really lovely, not fatty or greasy at all, so large you had to eat it like a grown-up with cutlery and well made enough not to crumble as you did so.

The chicken came with a salad accompaniment and was also declared delicious, and the coleslaw was clearly homemade and very creamy.

Encouraged by how good the first were and having caught glimpses of delicious puds we decided that even after cinema sweeties we had room for dessert, and decided on the trio of top three, small portions of the chocolate brownie, passion fruit and lime cheesecake and Eton mess (£7.95).

The brownie, which was served warm, and the cheesecake were great (must go back for a whole portion of this one) but the Eton mess was a bit too sweet and the meringue chunks had gone soggy.

Our treat, with drinks, cost £37.95, which we thought very reasonable.



The Garden Cafe Bar and Grill

Wicket Hill, Trowbridge

01225 767511

Parking: No, but car parks nearby

Disabled access: Yes

Times ratings

Food 8/10

Choice 8/10

Decor 8/10

Customer service 9/10

Main course pricings: from £6.95 just for the mian, add on extras if you like

TripAdvisor rating: 5/5