TRYING to find somewhere for a spot of lunch in Bath on a Saturday lunchtime without a reservation is quite a challenge – particularly when it needs to be child-friendly.

Walking through SouthGate, my sister, mum, nephew and I spotted a sign for Jimmy’s and, feeling intrigued at what might be on offer, we all ventured over to the Dorchester Street diner.

Once inside we were guided to a table in the restaurant which was rather warm – a little too warm for my liking having decided to dine inside to get out of the sun. Looking to quench my thirst, I ordered a Coke, with my sister and nephew following suit.

We were told by our waiter to grab a plate and help ourselves to food. With all-you-can-eat buffets, there is always the danger that the portions can be bigger than the flavour, but I was pleasantly surprised at the offerings at Jimmy’s.

There was an extensive Indian food area as well as other cuisines, which I feel were slightly cut back for a lunchtime sitting as opposed to an evening meal.

My nephew kept their pizza station in check, where they offer a whole host of toppings including pepperoni, margarita and vegetable.

My sister and I enjoyed the wok station, where we were able to choose exactly what we wanted in our stir-fry. We chose beef, mushrooms, beansprouts, onions and peppers and the result was delicious.

According to Jimmy’s website there should also have been other stations offering sushi, Tandoori bread and dim sum but this seemed to be missing on our visit.

However, it didn’t put me off and I would go back for an evening visit to see if they were available.

For £10.99 for adults (or £5.49 for kids over five), you are able to have a starter, main and dessert – or several of each if you’re that hungry – which is a great deal if you’re looking for something which accommodates for everyone’s taste palates.

The other star turn, other than the wok station, was Jimmy’s dessert buffet. Both my sister and I were intrigued by their ice cream offerings, which allow you to have your favourite chocolates mashed in.

For a total of £47.92 for all of us, I think Jimmy’s offers diners a wide range of food at great value.

Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar

6-8 Dorchester St, Bath BA1 1SS
01225 426802
Parking: at SouthGate
Disabled access: Yes
Gazette ratings:
Food: 8/10
Choice: 7/10
Décor: 8/10
Customer service: 7/10
Main courses from: Lunch £10.99 or dinner £13.99
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5/5