RIGHT, it is time to start talking about the things that really matter in this world.

I am the person who always chooses duck. This time the duck came in the form of a confit duck tagine, the eponymous dish giving the restaurant its name.

A tagine itself is a clay cooking pot with a conical lid lying above a flat base, which gives its name to a myriad dishes. Do not ask me what Zhor means.

The paucity of Moroccan restaurants in Wiltshire is something I am flabbergasted by, as of all the culinary imports it is certainly my favourite.

Scrolling through Browsing a list of restaurants I could find only one in the county, which was in Swindon, with the closest to me being Tagine Zhor in Bath.

The first Moroccan restaurant I ever went to was in Liverpool – Kasbah, in Bold Street – a place I would strongly recommend to anyone. There, you sit on comfy sofas, strewn with pillows, with lowish tables. They don’t serve alcohol and you can’t bring it with you.

For me, Tagine Zhor, in what seems like an attempt to spread its pulling power wider, has burnished off some of these edges and somehow has a less authentic feel.

For instance, my partner and I quaffed strawberry daiquiri and Mojito cocktails throughout our meal.

It also costs more than most; we ordered lamb brochettes (kebabs) for £15.75, as well as confit of duck tagine and tagine iah’m bel barkoo (lamb) for 50p more.

The entire meal including the strawberry daiquiri and Mojito came to £63.75, which is by no means cheap.

However, in terms of plenitude, this place will hardly let you down and tagines are exactly what I like in food; slow-cooked meats, with a good mix between sustenance and fruit.

As for the staff, our waiter did seem a touch clueless, but the manager himself was attentive to a tee, serving us with water without the need to be prompted on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

The choice of dish is narrower than other Moroccan restaurants but the quality of the food is certainly there.

That said, the pickier customer, with slightly less sturdy teeth, might have made hard work of their lamb kebabs.

It is worth a visit, even though, with only two in close proximity, you actually have very little choice.

Tagine Zhor

North Parade

Bath BA1 1LF

01225 466 437


Parking: None

Disabled access: Yes

Gazette ratings: Food: 8/10 Choice: 8/10 Décor: 8/10 Customer service: 8/10

Main course prices: from £16.50

TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5