BURGER & Lobster is like that outdoor paint made famous by its slogan ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin.’ For this small chain of restaurants founded in 2011 only sells burger and lobster and all meals are priced at £20.

There are no menus and instead the staff explain the concept to those new to the experience. Six of us went on a lunchtime on the Bank Holiday to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

She and her boyfriend had been before and knew what to expect. My son and his girlfriend were also prepared for the short menu and Francesca had explained it to me and also thought her dad was fully up to speed.

But for Ron, a man who has traditional expectations, it was all a bit flummoxing. “Where are the menus?” he asked. “There are no menus,” we chorused.

“So how do I know what I can have?” he inquired. “Burger or lobster,” we trilled in unison.

Let’s just say after that it was never going to be high up on his places to revisit but for the rest of us it was a big success.

Especially when the waitress told us that there was a free drinks offer which even included cocktails, beer and wine. I was driving so couldn’t indulge but it was a good deal for anyone in walking distance of Bath centre.

So, having established that the burger and lobster menu came with a choice of lobster rolls with fries, burgers with fries, lobster with fries or a lobster and a burger sharing option, we all made our choices of either burger and lobster.

It was all served with a smile by our waitress, although some of the other staff seemed a bit aloof. The food itself was good quality but the lobsters are a bit on the small side and not the best I have ever had.

Fun is added to the meal as novice lobster eaters try to discover the best way to crack open the claws to reveal the most tender bits inside.

The short menu might make writing a long review a bit tricky but the amazing renovation of the Octagon Chapel means the surroundings give you plenty to observe.

High ceilings, wonderfully ornate plaster work and marble gives the restaurant an opulent feel. There are also large tanks full of live lobsters around the room and a large central bar.

Those behind the concept explain it by saying: “Burger & Lobster was founded in 2011 with the idea of going back to basics of a restaurant culture where craftsman offered only a few items that they were known for.

“The Burger & Lobster craftsmanship is exactly that. The Burger is made with highest quality natural beef and the Lobster is sustainable live lobster. Each dish is one price surrounded with good people and good energy.”

The good energy might not have extended to my husband but I am sure the rest of us will be back.