IT WAS late on Sunday and the time for indulging my penchant for cheese, alcohol and bread had come along again.

With that in mind I quickly decided on an Italian, plumping for Martini Restaurant located in the heart of Bath on the picturesque George Street.

Sometimes deciding on a restaurant can be an arduous task, not knowing which review or recommendation to go for.

A quick scan of Trip Advisor can open up a whole world of hysteria which you should never be too quick to believe; Martini is certainly worth a visit but ‘like stepping into Italy’ is possibly over egging things just a touch.

It is an odd place on first sight with old 60s style sofas against the walls and greyish wallpaper along the left hand side.

The waiters were all Italian – very Italian – and when a birthday is announced (there were two while we were there), happily belt out Happy Birthday at the tops of their voices.

My partner and I decided on a Martini Pizza with extra cheese (£14.95), Tagliatelli Traviate pasta (£11.95) and, as I am from the north, I guardedly asked for a side order of chips (£2.95), which sadly came without gravy.

That being said there can be no doubting the quality of the food. The pizza was particularly good, made with a thickish crust, plum tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, topped with ham and rocket.

As for the pasta, it was good but not outstanding. That being said, the levels of cream, pasta and chicken were all balanced perfectly with none overpowering the other.

The chocolate cake was simply a chocolate cake tasting principally of chocolate, but the presentation was fantastic, strewn with strawberries here and there and a drizzle of more chocolate for good measure.

The final bill came to £55.40, which included two White Russian cocktails (£7.25), a Diet Coke (£1.95), chocolate cake (£6.25) and cappuccino (£2.85). It wasn’t the cheapest Italian I have ever been to but it certainly didn’t lack character and the waiters were definitely a highlight of the night.

Their attentiveness was second to none and they were definitely the restaurant’s most charming point, with all of them greeting us with a smile and genuine warmth.

Is this Italian restaurant in a town stuffed full of them a game changer? Probably not. Could the pasta have packed a little more punch? Maybe.

But overall, there were few faults to be found.

The only true blemish on an otherwise flawless night were the chips, which had seemingly just been heated up from frozen. That’s what you get for ordering chips in an Italian, I guess.

For those passing over the border to Bath there can be no doubt that the restaurant merits a visit. The service is impeccable and it is not a typical pasta joint leaving you with a sense that you have seen it all before.

8-9 George St, Bath, Avon BA1 2EH
Phone: 01225 460818
Parking: No 
Disabled access:  Yes

Gazette ratings:
Food: 8/10
Choice: 8/10
Décor: 6/10
Customer service: 9/10
Main course prices: from £10.95 to £23.95
Trip Advisor rating: 4.5