AS WITH everything context is key.

Smokey’s in Trowbridge is an American-style restaurant. Therefore, the food is meat and everything is massive.

If you are a health nut, a vegetarian or do not like red meat, the restaurant that serves The Mighty Meaty Dog as a speciality is possibly not for you. And what is not meat is either chips, onion rings or a bread bap to put the meat in. It was great.

The food is exactly what you want from an American diner and the service is friendly to a fault.

The façade is typically 19th century, with the interior a bit of a hodgepodge of wooden stools and references to 1950s-60s American iconography.

To the delight of my guest (I’m sure) I pronounced every single last meal on the menu in my best whipped southern American accent.

Dishes like the Sloppy Joe and the Inferno Burger rolled off my tongue.

Finally, I chose plain old ribs (£11.50) while my partner had an Americano burger (£4.50) and we shared onion rings (£3) and chips (£2.50), which were, of course, preposterously huge.

When the bill for all that food arrived, which also included a diet Coke (£1.85) and a Kingston Press cider (£3.60), it came to – drum roll please – an incredible £26.95.

Smokey’s was voted Wiltshire’s Best restaurant of 2015 and in all likelihood deserves its title.

The restaurant certainly has character and a degree of personality, although it hardly shakes up an already well-trodden genre.

However, unless your particular edict is ‘less is more’, Smokey’s menu will certainly not disappoint and is well worth a try.

Smokey’s American Grill

Stallard Street


Opening times: Mon: closed Tues-Thurs and Sunday: 5.30-10pm Fri-Sat: 5.30-11pm

No car park but on street parking available nearby