Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira, stars of History Channel’s Search for the Lost Giants and Ancient Aliens take a deep dive into obscure newspaper accounts, archaeological reports, local history records, newly-translated ancient texts, academic papers, new scientific reports and written evidence from hundreds of sources going back over a 4000 years to uncover the truth about giants.

Over 250 accounts of the remains of human skeletons ranging from 7ft to 21ft have been found in the archaeological and historical record, often measured and commented on by famous scientists, scholars and writers at the time.

A wealth of folklore from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland talk about sophisticated cultures of giants with supernatural powers and advanced technology who had control over thunder and lightning, as witnessed when their tombs were disturbed by later generations. They were often high kings and queens who were master geomancers, surveyors, architects and astronomers who ruled from their mountain-top fortresses. Whilst others were cannibals with violent tendencies who enjoyed throwing gigantic rocks across the landscape.

The authors take a close look at these age-old stories and the remarkable skeletal discoveries to reveal for the first time an important lost chapter of British history, with a top ten of the giants including the giant of Stonehenge.

In the early 1500s, scholar Sir Thomas Elyot reported on a 14ft 10in skeleton found a few miles south of Stonehenge. In the huge oak coffin was an ancient book with mysterious inscriptions. In 1719, a 9ft 4in skeleton was found in a mound nearby. The earliest recorded name of Stonehenge is The Giant’s Dance and in legend the stone circle was said to have been built by a tribe called the Cangick Giants.

Hugh and Jim will be signing books and giving a free lecture at the Stonehenge shop at between noon and 5pm on Saturday. The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain is published by Avalon Rising Publications and is available in hardback £20.99, paperback £15.99 and ebook formats.