A Wiltshire theatre group is to tackle a play featuring one of William Shakespeare’s most tragic heroes for its latest production.

Shakespeare Live's The Merchant of Venice opens on Monday, July 3 and runs for seven performances that week at Cleeve House, Seend, with just under 1,000 seats already sold.

Gill Morrell, of Shakespeare Live, said: “This exciting modern day production tackles the issues of anti-semitism, greed, and hypocrisy head on while still exploring the love stories and comedy that are an important part of the play.”

The Merchant of Venice focuses on the collapse of a Jewish moneylender, Shylock, who exits the stage a wrecked man and at the conclusion of the play unavoidably becomes a Christian and surrenders his assets.

The play is directed by Andy Cork and features Liz Hume as Shylock, Stephanie Richards as Portia and Jeremy Fowlds as Bassanio.

Tickets are available from www.shakespearelive.com and cost between £10 and £23. Picnics in the lovely garden are welcome before the show and the seating is both tiered and under cover.

Saturday night is a Gala with extra live entertainment before the show. Parking is easy and there are refreshments available.