Fans of the late Amy Winehouse are in for a treat when the tribute show which was the sell-out hit of the Edinburgh Fringe arrives at The Wharf Theatre in Devizes on April 23.

The show, Back To Black, charts the rise to fame of the six-time Grammy winner who died in 2011 at the age of just 27.

Reine Beau Anderson Dudley takes the role of Winehouse in the 50-minute production which celebrates the brilliant talent who had huge success with songs including Stronger Than Me, Rehab, Valerie, Take The Box and Pumps.

When the show ran at the Fringe, the critics raved about it.

The Edinburgh Guide called it “a heartfelt, gutsy and justifiably-packed performance. The singing was simply superb, and coverage of Amy’s own inner struggles was handled with genuine respect and empathy.

“Reine infused the performance with so much feeling and emotion that we could hardly be unmoved.

"She had clearly mastered all the essential qualities that made Amy’s voice both so unique and instantly recognisable, investing heart and soul for maybe the greatest soul singer of our time.”

Tickets are £12-£14 and are said by The Wharf to be selling fast.