Calne has a new jeweller – and he’s adding a touch of the BBC’s hit show The Repair Shop to the business.

Torston Middleton has opened County Jewellers in Phelps Parade and it is very much an open affair as he has taken a leaf from Jay Blades’ hugely-popular TV programme to show customers just what’s going on when he fixes a watch or makes a new gold ring.

“I believe that we are the only jeweller in Wiltshire where you can see the repairs and designs done right there behind the counter,” said Torston, who has been in the business for five years.

“In some other shops you take in a watch or a piece of jewellery to be repaired and it’s put in a bag and taken out the back of the shop. That’s all good and fine but I’ve found that people find it fascinating to see you at work, like they do on The Repair Shop.

“I know it happens in London but I believe this is a new thing for Wiltshire, to see the jeweller straightening a ring out, beating a piece of gold or fixing a watch, it is more interesting for the customer to see a craftsman at work right there at the bench in the workshop; it’s a good talking point and you get more appreciation for the craftmanship.”

County Jewellers buys and sells new and second-hand jewellery and has branches at Royal Wootton Bassett and Marlborough. The company is also renowned as a Rolex and Omega specialist and as a repairer of rare quality watches.

County Jewellers is now the only jeweller in Calne and although this branch only opened on Monday, business is already busy.

“It’s going very well and we’ve had a very positive response from the community,” said Torston, who is following in the family business established by his father Julian more than 25 years ago.