Lord Arthur Savile's Crime The Western Players Arts Centre, Old Town, Swindon

A sumptuous set transports audiences instantly into the drawing room of Lord Arthur Savile's house in Grosvenor Square, London.

Clive Baker directs an able cast of Western Players in this entertaining exploration of Lord Arthur's desperate bid to resolve a dilemma after palm-reader Mr Podgers (Godfrey Room) forecasts that he is destined to commit murder. Ben Robinson, in the title role, feels honour bound to postpone his marriage to Sybil (Maria Hiscock) until he has done the deed. He has many aged relatives, but who will be the vicitim?

Roger Trayhurn is delightful as an uncle, the confused Dean of Paddington....or perhaps an elderly aunt should make her exit? Lord Arthur, with the assured support of his faithful manservant Baines (the excellent John Fisher) finds no easy solution.

Confusion is worsened by the visits of Sybil's mother Lady Julia Merton, an authoratitive performance by Shirley Dodson, Karen Evans as Lady Clementina Beauchamp and Elaine Sturmey as Lady Windermere. The wild schemes of the anarchist Herr Winkelkopf, a lively portrayal by Matt Hemmings, just complicate matters, and the new maid Nellie (Ruth Davies) aims to add some calm.

But how much reliance can be placed on Mr Podger's predictions?

The appreciative first night audience on Wednesday clearly enjoyed the fun of this Oscar Wilde story, adapted for the stage by Constance Cox. It runs until Saturday, November 18; performances are 7.30pm.

Stella Taylor