THE Wharf Theatre in Devizes just goes from strength to strength, with one big hit after another.

The latest in this triumphal procession is Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s musical spoof of 1950s’ sci-fi films, Little Shop of Horrors.

Spoof it may be, but it is thumping good entertainment from first to last, with catchy tunes, excellent singing and beautifully drawn characters from the 15-strong cast under the direction of Emily Holmes.

We meet orphan Seymour Krelborn, played by Chris Underwood with a deft comic touch, who is virtually slave labour at Mr Mushnik’s Skid Row florist shop. Seymour has come into possession of a mysterious plant, which he names Audrey II, after his fellow worker Audrey, with whom he is secretly in love.

Who can blame him, as Emma Holmes’s performance as Audrey is endearing and very funny.

Audrey II turns out not only to be carnivorous but also a giant mutant and Seymour risks anaemia feeding the monster with his own blood, until other candidates come along.

And there are plenty. Audrey’s boyfriend is the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello, yet another superb performance from Jonathon West. Not to spoil the plot, but most of the cast ends up in the maw of the giant plant.

Matt Dauncey’s Mr Mushnik is another beautiful comic creation and Sam Phillis creates the voice of Audrey II with excellent comic timing.

But the backbone of the show is provided by a trio of songstresses: Ronnette (Lou Cox), Chiffon (Laura Deacon) and Crystal (Georgia Elson) whose harmonies and dance routines delighted the first-night audience.

Choreographer Jacqui Davison’s routines are simple but effective and add to the show’s drive and slickness.

Naomi Ibbetson and her five-strong band faultlessly provide the musical backing and there is a wonderful set from Oli Beech, John Winterton and their team, who also cover lighting and sound.

Tickets are going very quickly, so if you want to see a performance before the run ends on Saturday (November 3) then go to and book your seats.