THE Outstanding Contribution to Health & Social Care Award will be presented to the individual who the judges believe has made a long-term outstanding contribution to social care.

Chosen from all our finalists, whether they be an individual or team, careful consideration will be given to all categories and the overall winner will be awarded this prestigious accolade.

My name’s Martin Tedham, and I’m chairman of the Wasdell Group.

I brought Wasdell from Stonehouse to Swindon in 2009, on the recommendation of the late Councillor Rex Barnett, who went on to become a personal friend.

Relocating to Swindon proved to be a great move. With the support of the excellent local work force we have in the town we have taken Wasdell from a £3m turnover in 2009/10 to £42.7m in 2019/2020.

We are now one of Europe’s largest independent partners to the pharmaceutical industry.

The past year has made every one of us in the UK appreciate how fast-moving and innovative our life sciences industries really are. The Wasdell Group plays a crucial part in the process that gets revolutionary pharmaceutical products out of the labs where they are developed and to the patients who benefit from them.

The people pictured are just some of our colleagues, who include doctors, research scientists, pharmacists, IT specialists, designers, production managers, logistics specialists and operatives. It’s their talent, imagination, hard work and dedication that allows us to make sure the right medicines are in the right place, at the right time, every time.