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Environment Agency

Water Resources Act 1991 (as amended by the Water Act 2003)

Notice ID: MFN0612053

Notice effective from
10th June 2021 to 10th July 2021

Water Resources Act 1991 (as amended by the Water Act 2003)
Notice of applications for a full licence to abstract (take) water for a previously exempt abstraction.

The Environment Agency have received the following abstraction licence applications within the Hampshire Avon catchment
The Environment Agency is giving notice of these applications (in accordance with Section 37 of the Water Resources Act 1991 and Regulation 8 of The Water Abstraction (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2017.

The applications for full licences to abstract water are as follows:

Name of the applicant                  Purpose of use        Abstraction point(s)        Abstraction period        Quantities being applied for

and reference
Ancala Water                                 Potable                      SU1649                           All year                            68,272 cubic metres per year, 350 cubic metres
Services                                         Water                                                                                                         per day, 44 cubic metres per hour, 12.40 litres (Estates) Limited                            Supply                                                                                                        per second
NPS/NA/001752                          -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                     SU1345                           All year                            176,120 cubic metres per SU1345 year, 1,545 Services                                         Water                       SU1345                                                                   cubic metres per day, 76 cubic metres per hour, 
(Estates) Limited                            Supply                                                                                                      21.10 litres per second
NPS/NA/001756                          -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                     SU1743                           All year                            359,013 cubic metres per year, SU1743 3,532
Services                                         Water                       SU1743                                                                   cubic metres per day, 305 cubic metres per hour,
(Estates) Limited                             Supply                                                                                                     84.80 litres per second
NPS/NA/001757                          -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                    SU1834                           All year                             66,699 cubic metres per year, SU1834 777 cubic
Services                                         Water                      SU1834                                                                    metres per day, 77 cubic metres per hour, 36.70
(Estates) Limited                             Supply                                                                                                     litres per second
NPS/NA/001760                           -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                    SU0545                          All year                             12,416 cubic metres per year, 54 cubic metres per
Services                                         Water                                                                                                      day, 4 cubic metres per hour, 1.10 litres per       
(Estates) Limited                             Supply                                                                                                    second
NPS/NA/001763                           -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                    SU0548                         All year                             255,912 cubic metres per year, 2,038 cubic metres
Services                                         Water                                                                                                     per day, 106 cubic metres per hour, 29.30 litres per
(Estates) Limited                             Supply                                                                                                   second
NPS/NA/001764                           -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                    ST9344                         All year                            51,478 cubic metres per year, 615 cubic metres per
Services                                         Water                                                                                                   day, 29 cubic metres per hour, 8.10 litres per second
(Estates) Limited                             Supply
NPS/NA/001767                           -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                   ST9442                         All year                            18,318 cubic metres per year, 231 cubic metres per
Services                                         Water                                                                                                   day, 10 cubic metres per hour, 2.90 litres per second
(Estates) Limited                             Supply
NPS/NA/001768                           -Direct

Ancala Water                                 Potable                   SU2037                       All year                             488,433 cubic metres per year, SU2137 2,423 cubic
Services                                         Water                                                                                                  metres per day, 126 cubic metres per hour, 34.90
(Estates) Limited                             Supply                                                                                                litres per second
NPS/NA/001770                           -Direct

We are following Government advice to manage the risks of Coronavirus to our organisation, to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and sustain our critical operations. As a result, please contact us via e-mail or use the number below to arrange to see the application documents.
Send any representation about any of these applications by email, quoting the name of the relevant applicant and reference number to the Environment Agency at: by 8th July 2021.
For advice about how to make a representation, please call 03708 506 506.


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