ON reading the article on Redrow’s plans to build houses over a working mine in Corsham (Gazette, September 28), I was astonished to hear Coun Trotman’s defence of his planning committee’s approval on the grounds that – I quote – “it is not always our remit to refuse something when we don’t have the expertise”.
Wiltshire Council has a very clear duty of care – and in a case such as this when it is fully aware that the site is to be totally undermined, is in possession of a geologist’s report which casts doubt on the stability of the site and knows full well that no stability tests have been carried out, it is duty bound to commission the necessary expertise before granting approval. That this was not done in this case beggars belief.
Do we have to wait for the houses and their occupants to collapse into the mine before the council wakes up to its responsibilities?
Beechfield Park