CAN someone tell me which numbskull had the bright idea to close Calne police station? Apart from the fact that the town is rapidly expanding, it should be remembered that the rise in our precept allowed for extra monies to be made available to the police authority for community policing.

I understand that only one police sergeant and one police constable were on duty last Friday to cover the whole of Calne and surrounding villages.

The police station itself is only a few years old and is used, I am told, by dog handlers and other police personnel.

Why is it that, if anything is to be scrapped, it seems to be that Calne is first on the list? With the number of new developments in the pipeline it should be obvious that we need a police presence in the town and a police station.

I, with others, intend to collect signatures from the public and voice our protests against this latest attempt to deprive the town of yet another facility.