OFGEM (the gas and electricity regulator) recently announced a price cap for prepayment customers. This was because OFGEM believed that prepayment customers were not offered the best deals for their energy.
A friend of mine has now been written to by their energy provider (Economy Energy – strapline ‘Giving you more for less’) confirming that their electricity unit rate will decrease by 1.5p per kWh, but their daily standing charge will increase from 18.9p a day to 28.76p a day! 
The net result is that their energy bill will actually increase and, to rub salt into the wound, Economy Energy states that they have no alternative tariff to save my friend money.
This is a total disgrace and I trust that the Government will look at this ‘Rob Peter to pay Paul’ practice. I have written to Michelle Donelan MP and await her comments.
I hope that anyone else receiving such a disgraceful letter will a) write to their MP and b) look for a fairer energy supplier.
Economy Energy – you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Wiltshire Councillor for Hilperton Division