I WOULD like to correct a comment in your Letters page two weeks ago that claimed that ‘60 per cent of your readers in the Devizes constituency voted to leave the EU’.
EU referendum voting was by local authority area and not constituency, but Chris Hanretty of the University of East Anglia has extensively analysed results and mapped them as near as possible to constituency boundaries. 
In the case of the Devizes constituency he estimated that the leave vote represented just 51.5 per cent of the total votes cast, less than the national average.
Moreover, with the typical 76.7 per cent turnout in the south west, that means the leave vote in fact accounted for less than 40 per cent of registered voters. 
And that doesn’t allow for those not old enough to vote but may well bear the brunt of the future impact of leaving the EU.
So if Gazette readers represent a cross-section of the Devizes constituency, more than 60 per cent did not vote to leave the EU.
It’s a shame our MP did not represent their views in recent Brexit votes in Parliament, but there’s an opportunity to put that right by joining the March for Europe in London this Saturday.