COUNCILLOR Caswill was spot on in his letter about the Bridge Centre last week. 
The Bridge Centre, along with the Bath Road car park, represents the most significant town centre redevelopment opportunity in Chippenham. 
Get it right and we could have an attractive entry point to the town, with a combination of quality retail and community facilities that will benefit to the town for years to come. Leave it to the open market and who knows what we’ll end up with?
So what is the solution? Positive planning, innovative design, engaging the public? Certainly. All of that. And the town council, with its stated vision for a ‘vibrant and attractive’ town centre needs to lend its support as well. 
But there’s no getting away from the fact that Wiltshire Council will have to invest some serious money, and Chippenham’s had less than its share in recent years (whatever happened to our community campus?)
In knocking the old building down, Wiltshire Council has begun to force its own hand. Now something needs to be done, and soon. 
Yes, the current road layout presents a big challenge but it’s not insurmountable, and done properly might even pre-empt some predictable future traffic problems. 
Come on Wiltshire Council, think long-term, commit to investing in Chippenham and turn this challenge into an opportunity.
Chippenham Town Council 
Monkton Ward