THE Bridge Centre site in Chippenham seems to be up for discussion at the moment. 
Various councillors are becoming interested in the future of this site, maybe because it’s election year, or maybe after 10 years talking about it they feel it’s time to work with a developer and actually come up with an idea that will help Chippenham’s future prosperity and help make our town more competitive over other towns. 
All we have at the moment is a big open space in the middle of town so that council staff can park on it. What a waste.
Any future development on this site must take into account that this is a very busy area for traffic, with many busy main roads coming together, so any change must be really well thought out. 
If we end up with more congestion on Bath Road and Rowden Hill it would cause a great deal of problems for residents and traffic passing through Chippenham. It may even put people off coming to shop here if traffic builds up on Rowden Hill.
If a developer gets involved with this site it will have to stack up for them financially. I just hope that Wiltshire Council doesn’t lose sight of the importance of traffic flow at the Bridge Centre, and we don’t end up with a poor scheme that just benefits the developer, but leaves Chippenham with traffic chaos.
Rowden Hill