OVER the last few months I have become increasingly frustrated with this county. I feel as though more and more is expected from the taxpayer and yet the more we are expected to give the less we receive.

For example, this temporary link road which has been built for Royal Wootton Bassett, although imperative due to the work needed to be carried out on the train line, has left those of us who use the Marlborough Road regularly from the Broad Town direction with a constant headache.

The junction hasn’t been well thought out at all and we are met with long waits in order to safely turn right into the direction of the town centre.

I am also becoming fed up of driving over numerous potholes during my commute and living in fear I have yet again damaged a tyre or the suspension on my car due to roads not being repaired and yet I pay my road tax – as many of us do.

Today I left my recycling bin outside my house, annoyingly it was the day that Storm Doris hit, but what can I do?

It has to be left on the road side or the bin men won’t take it.

On my return home after dodging all the rubbish on the roads (which I suppose the bin men believed wasn’t for them to pick up due to the fact it was no longer inside a bin as the wind had blown the bin over) I found my bin hadn’t been emptied.

I can only assume this is due to the wind blowing my bin from the area I had placed it in the morning and so the bin men felt it wasn’t within their job description to walk two more extra steps off the side of the road to collect it. The bin was in full view but just two steps too far it seems.

Not to mention all the empty bins scattering the main road to my house which the bin men didn’t even think of putting in secured places (up against walls) once they had emptied them.

Is it too difficult to take into consideration the weather conditions and that this is completely out of the public’s control? I suppose it will now be the tax payers’ job to pick up all the litter left and ensure no risks to drivers are left on the roads.

I have now been waiting over two months for a black recycling bin which I have asked the council for.

Why am I bothering to recycle? It appears the collectors aren’t fussed, so why should I be?

I resort to asking myself the question: “What is my council tax actually going towards that helps my day-to-day living?”

Not a lot of anything.

The council tax rises next financial year – I haven’t read anything that this will go towards that will help me or those I know, yet it is me and many others I know who are paying this increased amount, receiving no increase in wages, and gaining nothing from it.


Royal Wootton Bassett