Is the relationship between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats a coalition or a contamination? On the evidence of the propaganda currently being circulated in Devizes by the Conservatives, one must suspect the latter.

For many years it was the practice of the Liberals to try to take credit for the achievements of others, and now, it seems, their new partners are following in their footsteps.

We are presented with a picture of a jolly crew – lacking only hockey sticks – strolling across the Long Street pedestrian crossing, which the residents of that street know, was promoted and achieved by Coun Jeff Ody. Have they overlooked that he was also responsible for the safe relocation of the crossing formerly dangerously sited outside The Silk Mercer, or are they simply saving it for a future publication?

Similarly, they seek to imply that the moving of the bus stop, which has so improved the flow of traffic in Estcourt Street, is attributable to them rather than Coun Nigel Carter.

Not content with apparently claiming credit for these improvements, they now seem to be trying to distance themselves from their failures. The collection of rubbish in the centre of Devizes on a Thursday was introduced by the then Conservative- controlled Kennet District Council. Vigorous local protest at the time was ignored in the cause of administrative convenience. The unsightly barriers in Maryport Street are entirely attributable to the current Conservative-controlled Wiltshire Council’s failure to allocate money to do the necessary work!

The local government elections are still six months away. Will the honesty of debate improve?

Tony Duck, Worton, Devizes.